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Military Law - LOR and suing for damages

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My question relates to a Flag Officer Letter of Reprimand filed in a local file.

I want to appeal it and possibly take legal action against people who lied in the events that caused me to get it.

All I can find is that The Army Regulation (AR) governing filing in the local file is AR 600-37. Chapter 7-4, Processing Appeals - MPRJ, states: "Authority to remove...a letter from the MPRJ before the end of the period specified in the letter is vested in the following:

a. The officer having general court-martial jurisdiction over the recipient;

b. The individual who first directed that the letter be filed in the MPRJ or a higher level commander in the chain of command in which the letter was issued.

The local SJA is saying that the MPRJ went away a long time ago so this no longer applies and that I can only appeal to the person who issued me the letter and he did nothing more than changed the reprimand around after I proved the original one was baseless. I received the letter after they conducted an "informal investigation" were no sworn statements were taken and the report only contains "summaries". I obtained numerous sworn statements and other evidence that proved my innocence and also that several witnesses lied in what they told the investigator. I received a statement from the investigator supporting that he had not been given full disclosure in his investigation. So, in addition to the answer above I'm interested in my options on how I can get damages from the government (hostile environment) or the individuals.

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