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Lies, defaults, fraud, penalties, no accountability....and im the hot potato to avoid at all costs....

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My student loans were placed in default status sometime after my 2014 summer online class @ Ashford University.

This action was taken against me during an approved, (to my knowledge), personal leave/ break. 

(requested due to an extremely volatile divorce situation that was negatively affecting my classroom attendance &  performance).I assume the default began in 2016  because this was when i was first notified (by a collection agency). I attempted to get in contact with ANYONE at the school, the Dept of Education, or credit bureaus, etc.    The response was either "We no longer have your records dut to collections processes" - or -

"lets get you out of default and get your loans rehabilitated with a payment plan". I was going to do an ibr plan and even paid one payment ....but when i read the fine print and saw that i could not dispute any of the debt once i signed....i wanted to double check the amounts... Well i found what appears to me to be fraudulent loan activity on my credit reports....so i decided i should not sign until thats resolved. I have been lied to, ignored, hung up on, and passed off so many times that i feel like a hot potato in a 3rd grade  P.E. class game. I am suffering extremely undue hardships and my loan debt is multiplying out of contol and i am forced to sit and watch with no recourse & no hope for any  resolution. My children are suffering...they dont even think they want to attend college now ...for fear of this happening to them...

What on earth am i supposed to do! I am about ready to give up and accept whatever debt they have on my file regardless of fraud or errors because its my only hope for an end to this credit nightmare ! Please help!?!?

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