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Paid for repairs that weren't done! ( By a chevy dealership)

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So i have a 2005 chevy silverado 2500 diesel, had some issues with the truck on the way home in the beginning of July when i came home from a job down in georgia.

I pull a 20,000lbs camper behind my truck so naturally it gets pushed to the limit on a daily and stuff is gonna break which require repairs.


Brought it to the chevy dealership up in Michigan where i live, and they advised me that the headgaskets were blown on the truck, which is a $6,500 job to get replaced.

Since this is my daily and work vehicle i decided to go ahead and have this work done (trusting in the reliability of a dealership with the proper mechanics to do the job)

Several weeks went by and the job was finally completed, now not mentioning the 4-5 times i had to bring it back with other troubles due to what they did, i finally was set and ready to go down the road.


As i made it back to Georgia i noticed the same exact problems still occurring with my truck; losing coolant out of the reservoir, and lines staying under pressure while the truck has been turned off for several hours. It happened to be the same day that i got a email from the dealership telling their costumers that they are closing their door in 30 days. 

With all the troubles i been thru with them i brought it to the local dealership here in Georgia to have it looked at again and i was told that they think the heads are cracked and the whole engine needs to be replaced. By this time nobody was left at the service department of the dealership in michigan, and the dealership would not tear the engine apart to check the headgaskets (which are under a 12,000 mi warranty) without me paying 1,200 bucks, unless the headgaskets are the problem. Now after getting corporate offices involved its finally being opened up after the truck just sitting there for a week. 


Today i needed some stuff for work out of that truck as it was being torn apart by the mechanic, who i started talking to, explained what had happened and had been done to the truck. Now this 60 some year old fellar that had been doing this for roughly 30 years is telling me by what he sees the head gaskets had never been changed, and he truly believes that the dealership up in michigan charged me for a headgasket knowing this wasn't the problem.


Now here is really my question, is Chevrolet or the old owner of the dealership in michigan liable for refunding me my $6,500 after they confirm that the headgaskets were never changed? Or if they refuse to help or compensate in anyway, do i have solid grounds to sue? and if so who do i sue about this issue the previous owner of the dealership in michigan or Chevrolet ?


Thank you already. 

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