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Can the manager of my property get away with this?

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This could be a long one, sorry in advance. Any help appreciated.


I have been renting this property going on 3 years now. We moved in on a lease with 3 adults at a set rate of $792. This included the water bill and meter fee of $32. After about half a year we removed one of the people from the lease and our rent remained the same. 2 of us continued to pay the rent as normal. This year, I had a baby, and at the start of the new lease we signed we were notified that rent would be increased for everyone and rent would now be $822 to account for "maintenance" fees. We have almost never received any maintenance on our unit despite continual nagging (the manager runs things from out of state and everything is extremely unorganized and unreliable). From the day we moved in we were not notified there was black mold in the garage room behind the door locked from the inside that the maintenance person had to break into. The garage door broke during move in and remained stuck open all winter (they ordered new door parts and and confirmed they came in and have been sitting in the shed for over a year now. I met the prior tenants accidentally and the first thing they asked me was if that door was still broken and notified me of other problems not disclosed) The moldy room also has a hole in the ceiling that leaks and holes in the walls from prior tenants rigging up a washer to use when there was no area for such thing. The bathroom i now suspect has black mold as i have the most outrageous asthma attacks taking a bath and nowhere else and for no other reason in the history of my life (it is uncaulked and drafty too). I asked them 3 times now to test for black mold and have recieved nothing on it. not even a response. In the summer or fall our kitchen sink pipe busted due to faulty instillation and flooded the floor but went unnoticed for a long while as our couch was sitting in front of/over the affected area. the entire floor/ cupboard is rotted and moldy and still leaks. We got it fixed by "maintenance" but argued for a good while on replacing the floor. Finally i was told she had just enough carpet to at least redo the affected area, but she would need to get under it for sure to check the subflooring. I agreed and said lets do it its better than nothing. Then they went back and had us leave the house for a few hours so they could put an ozinator (i think its called) in to nuetralize mold spores. We did so and as soon as i walked into my house i was violently ill from the smell as the didnt open or ventilate the house in anyway. I was told at 6 or 7 months pregnant by them it should have been non harmful to me and was fine. Later found that not to be true.  They then had a carpet pro come look at it and he said it would take a lot of work to steamclean the area and might not even fix the problem and being as i was expecting he advised replacement. I let them know and the constantly nagged me in the dead of winter when it was snowing to clear all furniture out of my living room so they could do it. Then they even asked if i could do it myself or have someone do it for me and they would pay for materials and labor to which i agreed out of despair.  I removed my furniture twice waiting for them over the course of months until they decided to let me know they would not be replacing the carpet as there were also stains that were not from the water. Now my floor has a ton of soft spots so soft i dont even feel safe standing anywhere near or on them. We brought back a 3rd roommate to help with the bills as they increased and they informed me my rent would increase 75- $100 a month for the new person being here. I demanded to know why and they said to make up for the utilities hed use. I informed them i moved in with 3 people and when one left my rent in no way changed, i also brought up we are actively on the lease and paying all the utilities except for the water. They never answered me why my rent didnt change when someone left the lease and just decided they would accept $60 a month more. I gave up fighting with them and said fine. We hassled them for nearly 5 months to get his name on the lease and instead they wrote up a new lease and demanded that we all sign it ( only a few months after me and the old roommate had signed the original). It took 5 months for them to get anything to him or us.They wrote things in making us liable for any pipe bursts or mishaps that i know for a fact are landlord responsibilities. Now they keep harrassing me for more money, i check their math and it doesnt add up. They just left me a 14 day notice to pay a bogus amount 0f $1,218 or vacate. More than 3 people have been sent over to get a list of maintenance tasks for my unit and nothing has been done. It got to the point they asked me to work for them as a maintenance person and do my own and others work. I later denied to work for them and since then things have gotten very troublesome. They text me every couple of days the same message, call at hours we told them not to, leave a ton of voicemails only demanding more money. The only time we got emergency maintencae was when our septic tank backed up a week after they shut everyones water off without warning for a day almost 2 to fix an unknown about leak which i later found out was suspected sewage seeping into the drinking water). They got a plumber who works for them to come out and look. we were unable to use our bathroom or anything with water for nearly 2 weeks, were forced to stay in the home and got sick as a result. They tried to say i would be responisble for reimbursing them for the plumber as he claimed i had flushed diapers and kitty litter. I was outraged and demanded evidence to which they presented images of a diaper in pristine condition out of the trash next to the toilet. I asked her if she has ever seen what happens when diapers meet liquid and how in the heck that would be white, and not reached with a snake and better yet even fit down the tube... I dont know what to do. The low income emergency housing place listened to me tell them just the sewage issues and they told me they couldnt find anything available to fit my income currently and as i wasnt homeless YET they couldnt financially help me secure a place. They advised me not to pay these people anymore money and try to get out. We tried that but my roommate and I chickened out last minute and paid most of rent. Then we got a notice saying our home is going to be put up for sale and we had first choice to buy it or it would be advertised. That also felt like retaliation as we are still running on our original lease that the new roommate isnt even on and doesnt end until february... What can i do? Idk who to talk to when i cant afford any legal help. I am terrified....

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