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mn- need help!

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7600 525th St.
Rush City, MN 55069

September 14, 2019

Dear Professional:

Hello. I have a serious legal case, and I am looking for someone who's interested in donating some of their time to prevent me from spending the rest of my life incarcerated for a false allegation.

I am @ the tail end of a 24.5 year sentence. I was convicted of sexually assaulting my then six and seven year old son and stepdaughter, and given a double upward durational departure.

To me, that was a gift for what I did. As an explaination, I went through some things as a youngster, and although I don't know all the "whys", I essentially reenacted (almost verbatim) what happened to me, upon them.

I am currently in sex offender treatment here at the prison, and up until about a week ago, I was slated to be released on 02.03.20. I came back from breakfast one morning, and found in my mailbox a detainer from for two counts of third-degree CSM (C). It stems from an incident that occurred while I was @ a different prison.

While there, I was housed in a cell with another person for two and half days where we indulged in consensual sex with each other without any duress. On the third day, that "celly" went out of the cell at the lunch switch-out, and made some allegations to the correctional staff that I had raped him.

I was subsequently charged with the following intra-facility rule violations: (1) Disorderly Conduct; (2) Sexual Behavior; and (3) Sexual Abuse (a euphemism for rape).

I asked to take a polygraph and failed it. I believe that the failure was based upon my intent to answer the questions in a particular way. I did not want to affirm that I had consensual relations because I was told that if a "sex offender"was being assessed for civil commitment, having sex in prison was considered "Sexually Acting Out", and that was a good way to get committed.

Therefore, I did not want to answer that particular question, so I informed the prison staff that if they asked me whether I had "NON-consensual" sex, then I could answer. They agreed, and I failed the poly anyway.

I don't know what happened for sure, but my explanation is that I think that I have a pretty sensitive conscience, and when at the outset of the test, I was asked whether I intended to tell the truth, my answer to the question violated my definition of truth, which is to tell the WHOLE story.

So in essence, I think that my mind considered my "controlled" answering as a lie by omission. There might even be a thought in my mind that since having sex in the first place was my idea (meaning had I not brought it up, the other party would not have), there was an infringement upon my concept of consensual acts.

@ any rate, I took the charges to an intra-facility hearing, where the standard of proof to convict is really low, and the conviction rate is extremely high, and I was found NOT GUILTY of the sexual abuse.

Conversely, during the course of the prison's investigation, the so-called lead investigator mentioned sending his "findings" over to the county attorney's office for review etc.

At a later point, I was informed by a high-ranking administrator @ another facility that he spoke to that lead investigator, and was informed that the results of his investigation were forwarded to the county, but that in his experience, he had sent stronger "cases" over to them, which weren't prosecuted.

To follow through, I wrote the county, and respectfully made inquiry on what their intentions were, and very humbly informed them that I did not violate the law, but if they decided to pursue any charges, I would not plead to anything. It's about a year later now, and they've placed the detainer.

I am perplexed at their decision to pursue charges. From a preliminary standpoint, as stated above, I was found not guilty by the prison's own trier-of-fact.

In addition, the accuser was in the cell with me for 2.5 days before making a report; we were having cooperative sex the whole time.

During those two days, he had many opportunities to tell me that he didn't want something, and/or to let others know that something was wrong. The reality that was present during the time of his making the report was the same reality available to him during those two days. It wasn't as if there was a "reduced rate" to make reports at the time that he did. This individual was out of the cell, far away from me multiple times throughout those 2.5 days.

Further, there is an operable duress button in each cell that he could've pushed to gain the attention of the corrections' staff, or if he was concerned of me hurting him, he could've pushed the button while I was asleep, passed a "kite" through the door to the officer, or reported it to the many staff that were available at several locations while he had time out of the cell away from me.

I've disclosed the just of it here, which brings me to the purpose of my letter posting. I do not have any monies to buy a good attorney, which due to my experiences within the CJS, is a major concern of mine. Rightly so, I think the fine folks over at the county think that I am vulnerable, but not to reality, although if I have to rely on a public defender, I stand a good chance of getting bounced around like a pinball.

To conclude, I have spent the last two decades trying to fix and improve me. Not that this means too much to anyone else, but amongst other things, I am currently on my Capstone in obtaining my Bachelor's degree.

I'm not the same person who committed those abhorrent crimes long ago, and I have had tried to prepare myself to live the latter part of my life with honor and virtue.

Now, @ the eleventh hour, it appears as if I am being confronted with the ghost of my indulgences. This wouldn't be an issue if I had just abstained altogether, but I did not commit any crime even in the face of the statute's subjective definition. I asked this person several times, to the point of seemingly being an annoyance, if he was okay with what we did, or planned to do; he told me unequivocally that he had no problem telling people "no", and actually thanked me for a good time.

In addition, the person in question went so far as to direct me on what he wanted, and didn't want, as he pleasured himself during related cooperative acts.

I am writing to ask if you're able and willing to look into his matter to verify my claims, and possibly protect my opportunity @ a second chance at life. I am willing to take another polygraph.

I thank you in advance for your reading and subsequent consideration of this lengthy communication--I do appreciate it. You can reach me at the address above, or via my Son with a text @ 218-839-6608.

With hope, I am


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This is not a referral service and reputable attorneys do not troll message boards looking for clients. You cannot obtain representation this way.


You can call your state Bar association, your local Legal Aide, and/or any law schools in your area for a list of referrals you can call.

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