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I was falsely charged

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 my son and go there every Saturday morning to watch kids while my son and his wife go pay bills and shop. As soon as the police officer seen me he said he was charging me also, I asked what for he told ne, I told him I was not there all night and had no clue what is going on, and started to say I do not live there only to have the police officer cut me off
and he said he does not care he was charging me. Now of the 11th of this month I got to court and was offered this if I would plea guilty to a disorderly conduct charge, The police officer and DA would drop the endangering the welfare of a child and Conspiracy,  when I asked what the Disorderly conduct was for, I was never told, I said I would not plea guilty to Disorder Conduct,  went to a hearing in the hearing the judge dismissed all charges against me. my personal reputation has been destroyed, could of loss of loss my job as a school bus driver, it has cause great deal of stress on me and so I was wondering can I sue this police officer. This all happened in Pennsylvania

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