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Who has right to evidence and motions after trial

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We lost our civil case and have paid the judgment and attorney fees in full.  We have asked our attorney's office three times for the evidence that the other side presented during the trial (contracts/leases).  They won't give them to us.  They ignored our emailed requests then they finally said the documents were in storage when we asked in person.


We'd also like copies of the motions and the jury charges, or whatever it's called, that each side prepared and the judge read to the jury.  


Common sense says that we would have the rights to see everything that was used in the trial against us, however, everything we believed was true in the justice system was turned upside down in our case.  Do we have the right to those documents?  


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Google "South Carolina Bar Grievance" or


"If you believe you have a grievance against an attorney--which you believe can be proven and documented by obtainable evidence--write or call:

Commission on Lawyer Conduct
1220 Senate Street., Ste. 111
Columbia, SC 29201
Telephone: (803) 734-2037"

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