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False Advertising? EVERETT, WA

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I toured an apartment that was renovated and an old version of it. I notifed the agent that I was interested in the renovated version. 


Questioned which were the available renovated units and was provided with a list. I have 3 children and am expecting my 4th in December. I stated a ground floor would be best, so to not disrupt neighbors below. 


I was told there was one renovated unit on the bottom floor and I accepted to lease it. I provided my landlord with notice and proceeded with this new rental unit. I was coming for a 2000 sq foot home to a 1000 sq foot apartment. I didn't mind the size as they layout and the appearance of it was great! 


Fast forward to the day I move in after lease was signed...I was walked through my renovated apartment which was not at all like the one I toured. It was merely the old version with new paint on it. I specifically requested the new version as the fireplace was safer for my toddler and soon to be newborn. The old one has edges that are unsafe. It also had rusty old washer/dryer. The upgraded cabinets were spray painted on the inside and looked very poor, it looked like mildew in one from how terrible of a job they did. There is a smell of death...and humidity in this unit. 


When I questioned the agent in the office. She apologize and merely stated the only difference was the fireplace. And that they'd replace the washer and dryer. The house I was renting was already rented out of by someone so I was no longer able to stay there. Therefore, I was forced to move in and have tried to make the best out of it but after a month. I am sure we cannot live here. Every door has come off its own hinges, wood pieces have fallen off from the upgraded cabinets, its infested with bugs and everyone has had bug bites on them, there is mold in the bathroom now and I am truly and utterly afraid to bring a newborn into this home. 


Even as I look at their photos on their website all I see is there renewed apartment images and it's not what I was given. Never was I told that the unit was different than the renovated apartment I initially toured. 


Do I have a case to lawfully break my lease or obtain counsel to assist me in doing so or am I just out of luck? All the responses  are greatly appreciated.  

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5 hours ago, Gpaa said:

Do I have a case to lawfully break my lease or obtain counsel to assist me in doing so or am I just out of luck?


Sorry, you're out of luck.


Make sure you put everything in writing that needs repair.


When your lease is up, remember the lesson you learned today.

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