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Threats to Allow Foreclosure

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An engaged couple purchased a home together and took title is a divorced man and single woman. He is retired with a close to $9,000 a month income. He has too many credit cards, is paying the IRS $600 a month for the next 3 years, a car note, ......he has bills and a low credit score; even after paying off his credit cards.  His Fiancé of many years had a great job with very good credit.  She had to leave her job (2 years before the purchase)  to care for her father for 2 years. She had an injury and can not go back to an 8 hour job. Her plan is to find part-time or work from home employment. He has known her situation for years and has  volunteered his help and contributions to help his wife-to-be. He has the income and she had the credit to qualify to purchase their home together and they are both on the loan.  One month after they moved in , he asks her to sign the deed, so only he would be on it,  She refused and he says that he will  intentionally not pay the mortgage and allow the home to foreclose if she doesn't sign. I’m pretty sure he will try to  force her out and have a family member buy the home before the bank takes it; with hopes that she would sign in order to try to rebuild her credit. She has text of his threats to not pay the mortgage if she refuses to sign. He doesn’t care if it forces her out, ruins her credit and leaves her homeless. Is this illegal????  Can she do anything to stop him or press charges in San Bernardino, Calif?


They have known each other 16 years. Dated 5 years. This couple has been the envy of others. 

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