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Mortgage Servicer sold my Mortgage to a new Servicer

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I recently received a letter from my mortgage Servicer, Ocwen Loan Servicing, saying they had sold my loan to a new Company, PHH Loan Servicing.  

A few years ago, I had my mortgage modified through the HAMP Program.  I had a "Deferred Principal Balance" that was supposed to roll off, in increments, over time.  The Deferred Principal Balance began around $10,000.00, but 2 had already rolled off, leaving one due to roll off this coming November 1st, for around $3,300.00.  This is IN WRITING in my mortgage modification agreement.


but!  the new servicer, PHH, has just rolled that remaining Deferred Principal Balance INTO my Principal Balance.   I have not been late, or defaulted on my modification agreement in any way. 


Are they allowed to do that?  How do I address this? 

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