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Utilities and lockout

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March 2019 I signed a lease at an apartment complex. I have paid my rent every month plus any late fees. 

This month I've had some unexpected hardships that I was not prepared for. I'm a single mom of a 2yr old and one on the way so things this year have been tight. To make matters worse I was placed on light duty and bed rest by my doctor so I had to leave me job the only source of income I have.

Here at these apartments the electric is allocated though all the apartments. My base rent is 820.00 and my electric bill was 180.00. I let the office management know I was going to be behind because I was waiting on a TANF check to come in the mail. Meanwhile they shut off my electric July 15th because they wanted some kind of payment. I put every last penny I had into a money order and gave a total of 250.00. They turned back on my electric same day, but because I didn't have all 820.00 of the base rent paid in full first they turned off my electric again on the 20th and it's been off since then. Even though I gave 250 they will not put 180 of that towards my electric until the full 820 is paid.

I called the consumer number I got from Texas law website and they reached out to my apartment complex however the apartment management have 21 days to respond and they plan to evict me by then. I lost all my groceries in my fridge and freezer and have been living in my apartment with my 2yearold with no electricity. It's very hot to say the least. However, we try to stay cool during the day by going to the park or McDonald's Playland or a pool. 

Today July 30th, the leasing agent came pounding on my door and served me with a lockout notice and demanded I step out of my apartment as is even without shoes or anything. She demanded I step out and said I could only get my belongings when I can get everything at once. I refused to get out of the apartment. I called the police. Two officers showed and said it's a civil dispute. I have not been Served with eviction papers or a court date the management haven't even filed for my eviction. The officers told the leasing agent that I could not be forced to leave. They also said the electric seems like a dispute and to call the court house. I did but after being on hold for 2 hours I gave up. Not to mention the leasing agent, Monica Wilson of the fairways 5 apartments in San Antonio, TX, was extremely rude to me even in front of the officers and harrassing me and saying very hurtful things and said it seems I can't afford it here anymore and she suggests even if I have the money to give them in the next few days that she still wants me gone because she won't accept anymore late payments no matter what health issues and anything else I'm dealing with and suggested that I look into a place more affordable like a homeless shelter. She refuses to even turn my electricity back on for the next 2 days while I pack my apartment to move out. I was hurt and begged her to stop putting me down when she doesn't know the stress I'm under as is. 

I hope no one ever has to experience something like this happening or meet someone like Monica Wilson. 

I'm terrified to walk out my front door thinking she'll be there to make sure I stay out. 

What can I do??? Please help. 

I'm desperate for answers. 



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If you didn't pay what is due, your landlord can file to have you evicted. While you don't feel it is your fault you can't pay, your personal financial situation is also not the landlord's fault. You didn't post many details that are relevant (and may not want to on a public board) but you can start reading about what is and is not legal here https://www.texasbar.com/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Free_Legal_Information2&Template=/CM/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=25969  in greater detail. Page 25+ seems most applicable to your situation.

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I've paid 250 and explained to them my situation and that I'm still waiting on a check in the mail. Of course my issues are not their fault and that was not the question.  

1st) Management disconnected my electric. Is it illegal in all cases for electric to be interrupted by a landlord due to late payment?

How am I supposed to pack my apartment in the dark? Is there something I can do for help to get it back on so I can pack my belongings?

2nd) As for the lock out process are they legally able to demand me to step out of my apartment as is with no belongings OR do they need an eviction court order before I have to leave my apartment.

** Note. I am very aware that an eviction can be filed for lack of payment. 

They have NOT yet filed an eviction on me and yet the leasing agent was demanding I can't live in the apartment or on property after the locks have been changed. I've read lock out articles and none say anything about the resident having to move out  at the Time of a lock out. 

3) As for the leasing agent demanding I provide her a Dr note of my bed rest and very light duty and the way she was demanding me out of the apartment and yelling at me.. is there anything I can do about that? Harrassment! perhaps?



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