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Breach of payment contract

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So I took a new position at work with a contact for pay. States in contract that any change in pay would require a weeks written notice prior to the change. I just got my pay stub for work last week as we are paid a week behind like 90% of all companies. And in my pay stub was a note stating my pay was changed back to hourly as of this pay period meaning the week of work I had already worked. Now contract says a week notice, but he actually gave me the notice a week after the pay period changed. And now I'm getting the feeling since I contact HR that I'm being forced out. And other employees have also stated that what's happening isnt right. I have been there several years never gotten in trouble not even a verbal warning. I planned on staying here for prob the rest of my career as this position has is everything I wanted.or was, do I have a leg to stand on for breach of contract and if I am being forced out is thjs considered retaliation. Again no other issues ever. It all started after I spoke to Human resources. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also 3 diff states involved here working here live in  a diff state and company is in a 3rd state. Should I contact each labor dept. Or consult with labor lawyer in each state for best protection for employee rights?   Thanks again everyone 

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Was your previous position paid on salary? What was the change to your job duties? Did you go from exempt to  non-exempt? 


All positions can legally be paid on an hourly basis. Not all positions can legally be paid on a salaried basis.


Nothing you have posted suggests any illegal retaliation. You MAY have a breach of contract, for which the DLI would likely order that you be paid the original wage for the week in question. You have not won the lawsuit lottery, if that's what you're wondering.


Then again, you may not have a claim at all. You will want to have a PA attorney review your contract to see if it actually is one.



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