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North Dakota Condo Title Insurance

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Title Insurance: Purchased title insurance when I purchased waterfront condo 3 years ago, have been trying to sell for almost 4 months, seller disclosure asks if structure within prop.lines. ND has " caveat emptor" no laws in ND that requires any known defects have to be disclosed.ND is only one out of 5 states that have " cav

I discovered property lines for my lot do not follow city or state set back rules. Property line on airel map from county website shows property line going through a portion of my 4 plex. CITY zoned assn.commercial even thou 4 plex's are not commerical. Commerical setbacks for sides of structure is 4' each side from prop.lines.

- City zoning said they would grandfather but wouldnt put in writing, said I needed to hire surveyor to relocate points and reinstall prop.line pins since somebody removed boundary line pins and than it could be grandfathered.

I hired survey crew, they discovered all 9 lots consisting of 1, 4 plex have all property pins removed by someone. They cant just locate my lots prop.pins, they need to start In the middle and set pin by pin.$500 to perform survey, should I have to pay for all (9) lots to get prop.line pins relocated and reinstalled?

HOA board has refused to provide any assistance. Saying all 9 lots are part of 1 assocation and lots run together?

-My title insurance states in exclusions that waterfront lots cant be sold title insurance? Why was I sold title insurance, what good does it do me?

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You didn't check all this when you bought the property. Anything you found out now could have been found out before even making an offer.


Why are the terms of your title policy coming as a surprise to you now? Didn't you read it when you got it? Actually, even before you got it you would have gotten a commitment for title insurance that outlined what was covered and what wasn't.


All I can suggest is that you pay for the surveys, and get the pins set in concrete and then photograph them with appropriate landmarks in the photos, so this doesn't happen again.



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