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Can a wife claim a house that his mother paid for when son dies?

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My son died suddenly last year and his wife was not living at the house. I sent my son the money to purchase the house, but was out of the country at the time of the purchase. He did not put my name on the documents because he assured me that the house would be separate property if he ever got married. When he died his wife cremated him without telling me anything, she prevented me from getting many of my personal belongings from the house, and told me months later that she dumped all of my stuff.

 I have proof that I sent him the money to purchase the house. Can I take his wife to court?

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Let me make sure I understand the facts.


For starters, in what state is the property located?


Your son bought the property using money you gave or loaned him (which was it?) before he got married.  Correct?  How much did you give/loan to him?  When did he purchase the property (month and year)?  I assume that the money you gave/loaned your son was used for the down payment.  Correct?  Did he also take out a mortgage (or did you give/loan him the full purchase price)?  If the money you sent to your son was a loan, was there a written loan agreement and/or did you receive a mortgage?  When did he get married?


Did your son have a will?  If so, does it provide for anything other than the entire estate going to his wife?  Did your son have any minor children?



16 minutes ago, bernieglen said:

Can I take his wife to court?


Sure you can.  Anyone can sue anyone for anything.  But what basis do you think you have to sue your son's wife?  Your post has two rather distinct subjects.  You started off by talking about the house, but then you started talking about personal belongings that you apparently had at your son's house.  Why did you have personal belongings at your son's house?


If you answer my questions, I and others can offer you further insight.

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