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no representation in divorce case

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My husband  said during the entire divorce process, "if I make money, you get half."  

During two mediations, He withheld his plans to  move and start another medical practice in another state.  

He completely disregarding the 6 notice provision that required he inform me of his leaving, and arbitrated in a veil of deceit the provision that gave me his earnings (our asset)  "now, in the future, with no terminating event."  The arbitrator ruled that my earnings ended after he left his current job.


Directly after the ruling he bragged to a friend he was moving. The mediator call him and asked him directly if he was leaving his current job now, "he said no." and I was assured I would have several more years of alimony.


In the two months before signing our agreement, while working his local  job and at the hidden medical practice he started in another state, he cheerfully responded to all requests from the financial neutral.  Up until the day I signed, He made suggestions and provided edits  to the chart we planned to use to track our shared income. When I learned that he had changed his mal-practice insurance policy from a group policy to an individual policy,  my attorney spoke to his attorney  and she added approved "slip pages"  to our agreement. On the day I signed, he sent an email to communicate his local address where his  mal-practice dividend should be sent upon full retirement. 


After I signed the agreement, he waited until my rights were dismissed, then left his job without any notice

The receptionist at his medical practice in another state said he started work there 3 months before our papers were signed. He lied and said he started there "officially" September 1. 


What rights do I have? He is 66 years old



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30 minutes ago, LegalAdviceAppreciated said:

He completely disregarding the 6 notice provision that required he inform me of his leaving


What does "the 6 notice provision" mean?  Why would you expect him to tell you that he was planning to move?



32 minutes ago, LegalAdviceAppreciated said:

What rights do I have?


I fail to see any utility in creating a list of rights.  It's not entirely clear what the problem is here, but you should be discussing the matter with your attorney.

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This appears to be a restatement of a prior thread.  One possible problem is that apparently none of your ex-husband's representations were under oath.  If that is not correct, please state so.  It sounds as if every thing was discussed and arranged through a mediator.  However, you also mention an arbitrator and said the arbitrator "ruled" that your "earnings" ended when you ex-husband changed jobs.  There is a difference between an arbitrator and a mediator.  Which was it?


Also, you vacillate between "earnings" and "alimony" and "asset". 


You said you had an attorney.  You need to discuss this with your attorney who should know exactly what happened and can advise you as to future action, if any.

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Thank you

He agreed in Our signed and notarized agreement to give me a 6 month notice that he was leaving

Had he done that, the arbitrator AND meditator would have had that information when he arbitrated that my earnings of any kind from our joint asset -- his ability to earn - would end upon his leaving.

Damages to me  for his withhold of information-  I got 2 years of alimony for a 35.5 year marriage

He signed the final agreement that he made an honest account of his earnings and assets. He did not






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