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FedEx Express break policy

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I work for FedEx express in NY, I got hired FT but my days are usually short because I always finish early. I'm aware of the labor laws when it comes to lunch breaks

-Less than 6hrs no break is required 

-More than 6hrs but less than 8hrs, a 30min unpaid break is required 

-More than 8hrs, a 60min unpaid break is required 


Here at my job they mandate that we take a full 60min lunch break no matter how much work we have. My days are short, less then 7hrs each day and some days I can finish within 6hrs, but I have to take a 60min break which is very annoying. They broadcast a message saying that DOT law requires we take a full break, which is BS because I've already spoken to an attorney regarding that. Then they say that its a new policy but when I ask to see the policy, my manager never got back to me. 


So my question is, can they mandate that we take a full hr break working under 8hrs ?


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