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Homesteading in Florida

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This webpage may have the information you are looking for.

The relevant forms are found elsewhere on the same website.

But this is a state-level website and, apparently, there may be some county-level requirements that also apply.  For certainty, one would also want to check at the county level in the county where the property is located.




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1 hour ago, CindiWass said:

For tax purposes re: a condo.


That doesn't answer my question.  In the legal world, "homestead" refers to exempting all or part of the equity in one's primary residence from enforcement of civil money judgments or in a bankruptcy.  In a lot of states, nothing needs to be done to take this exemption.  In Florida, 100% of the equity in one's primary residence is exempt from enforcement of civil money judgments.  According to this article, the exemption applies as long as the owner has owned the property at least 1,215 days.  I suggest you carefully review Chapter 222 of the Florida Statutes, including, in particular, sections 222.01 and 222.02.


I was going to say that this has nothing to do with "tax purposes," but the page linked by "MiddlePart" indicates that a homestead declaration may reduce the taxable basis in one's property, so I suggest you also carefully read the information he/she provided.

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