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So I've under gone some hard times. I've brought a piece of personal information that can be very embarrassing for people to find out about me. I've had people bully me about it, but not publicly. Strictly within a friends circle. Dealing with the bully has been something I've learned to do. But recently I'm wondering if it gets taken further, do I have legal protection in order to justify what may happen? If I hurt someone's feelings and they decide to use this information against me, am I legally protected? 

The details: I've done a sexual act with a man as a man. I couldn't quite tell you all the reasons, but I'm not gay. If the persons whom feelings I hurt decide to publicly post that information on Facebook, or any other media outlet, will the law have anything to justify about that? Also word of mouth, if they begin to tell people as a way of hurting my reputation, does the law have something to justify there? Or do I have to suck it up and learn to deal with this embarrassing situation that, because of 1 mistake,  may follow me forever. If that is the case, I don't mind. I would just like to mentally prepare myself so I'm not wasting time acting like what they might do is wrong. The only thing I could think of that could be justified is the possibility of sexual harrassment. If they post it on social media. Them telling by word of mouth seems to be a freedom of speech thing. But telling people by word of mouth would require extra details. Something that would be hard for them to get into. People may not want to talk to them because of the difficult conversation topic. They may even be uncomfortable even hearing about it. Even if they want the gossip. I can in person debunk the incorrect information and support the correct information while offering a lighter less critical way of looking at it. An easier perspective.

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