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Kalee Mee

Serious Health & Environmental Hazard Botched Job

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I had an engine swap done on my 4Runner when discussing with the mechanic I wanted to purchase parts, wiring harness, battery tray, crossover pipe, all need to be fabricated, from a well known shop that only does Toyota engine swaps. The mechanic insisted he could do all and it would be less money as well. It wasn't less money, my battery doesn't have a tie down, told "oh it's ok you don't need one". Wiring harness...! Most important is my crossover pipe. I picked up my truck and while driving home I could smell an odor and really strong in my garage I called him told him I had this odor of either gas or exhaust. He said it's my catalytic converter, I told him it's not my cc I didn't have that smell with the old engine and you have done anything to it. CC smells like rotten eggs. I had the same conversation with him numerous times and he said the same thing. There is black soot in the engine compart that I have cleaned off and it is back after driving once or twice. I also get a headache nauseous and extremely tired after driving.

Needed smog check for registration and truck running rough so I used Seafoam to clean intake. Seafoam causes white smoke to come from exhaust, well it was coming from the back of the engine compartment directly from my crossover pipe. So I have muliple and extremely large exhaust leaks from his poor welding job on the crossover pipe. This exhaust has been coming into the cab and I have been breathing this and there is evidence of exhaust leaking into my cab, soot in vents under dash and on carpet. The weld on the pipe looks like it was done by a child with bubble gum. The one I wanted to purchase looks like a factory pipe and has a heat coating. He has not disputed the poor job but wants me to pay for labor to remove the engine at the sum of $1600 and he will pay for the new crossover pipe at the sum of $175-$300. I don't believe I should pay anything and I believe he knew it was leaking but they had been paid and wanted the truck gone. What can I do?

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