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We broke up and he’s holding my property!

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We started dating on and off for over a year.  He just started working this year actually about a month and a half ago.  He’s an electrician by trade but a liar for real!  Major manipulator I have found out!  He has a slick way of borrowing my stuff and swearing if anything happens he will return it.  He wasn’t working and his mom lives with him she’s a nurse and lost all her money gambling.  I let them use my washer and dryer and he asked to borrow my brand new gas pressure washer and now won’t return it!  There are other things but they are the most expensive.  He has hit me before and I’m not going back for more!  I have two little girls and they come first.  He wants to control me and I just want fare and to be in a relationship where it’s give and take not take take take!  What can I do?  I live in Mississippi but not sure of my options.  Thank you

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