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Case law and if my trial is showing up for some of it being chased law what if they got it all wrong and it's never happened like that in court but they're using my name the states named and putting in this case law

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Back in 2016 I have a trial for a DWI habitual and I got sentenced went and done my time  came home and now I happened to notice online they have my name States 4 case law about my trial on some areas of it my question is what is the information they're using for case law is incorrect like it never happened like that in my trial so they're making it out like it did what can I do to either a have the information changed or to have it removed. And how do they end up getting the information for case law transcripts and if so that means my transcripts would be wrong then what and what is my transcript say one thing but case law is saying something different thank you for any kind of information or imput

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Are you referring to a published court opinion after an appeal in your case?  An appellate court's published opinion can't be "changed."  It's based upon the actual record in the trial court as in the transcripts.

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