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Pregnant co-worker making us miserable

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A newly pregnant co-worker (she announced it to the office April 1 & isn't due until November) has begun making ridiculous demands on everyone around her - sometimes the entire floor/firm - in our cubicle area. Each time, she's gone to the office manager who tends to be overly sympathetic & mothering & cried about whatever issue & then we get a group email.

First it was to tell us we need to stop wearing perfumes & lotions & using air fresheners in the bathrooms bc "she can't even".

Next we had to change our office lunch plans bc "BBQ is not her friend" and for some reason, getting lunch from 2 places isn't an option?

Now we've been told we're being "too loud" and are no longer allowed to listen to music at our desks or take calls on speaker bc it stresses her out too much. We have also been instructed not to speak to each other in the cubicle area unless we get up & walk over to the person to whom we're speaking.

One of the partners of the firm sent an email to ALL employees today, again reiterating that WE need to be more "considerate" of this employee and all her demands.

They offered to provide noise cancelling headphones for US.

I'm aware, of course, of the protections of pregnant ppl in the workplace which are similar to discriminatory & disability laws. But since when is the burden of one person choosing to have a child & the well-known experiences that come with it the responsibility of everyone else? Shouldn't SHE be the one they offer headphones to? This last email from today that came from the one female, mother partner has completely killed the morale that was stellar until shortly before April Fools Day.

What can we do to fix this situation without a) making a bad situation worse or b) having to shut up & pander to this insane, entitled person for almost a year??

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