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Russell McMurray

can the state prosecute a crime that happens on federal grounds

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7 hours ago, Russell McMurray said:

I was accused of a crime of a crime were I work, and there was no evidence to charge me , Could the state now step in and charge me if the allegations took place on federal in a federal building? 


Yes. Being on a property owned or controlled by the federal government does not exempt you from all state laws. For example, if Fred shoots and kills Barney on the steps of a federal courthouse the state may certainly prosecute Fred for that homicide. Of course the exact charges matter.


In any event, the state would need sufficient evidence to bring the case. If it is literally true that there is no evidence against you then the state would not bring charges either. However, if the issue is that there is evidence but that the feds just didn't feel it was enough to go forward or the act you committed was not a federal crime then it is possible that the state might take a different view of the evidence and charge you if what you are alleged to have done is a state crime.

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