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Do DUI's in Hawaii fall off

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Hi guys, 

I understand DUI's over the age of 22 cannot be expunged in HI but if you are trying to apply somewhere and they have to run a background check--do they not show up after so many years?  Or if a school program was to runs a background check will they still see the DUI on there?  Some one was telling me that it falls off after 7 or 10 years but sometimes I cant believe what they say? 

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Criminal records are for life. Nothing "falls off" them. Even an expungement only limits who can see the record and does not make it go away.


However, Hawaii offers multiple protections to job applicants who have criminal records; employers cannot run a criminal check until after they've made a conditional offer of employment; they may only consider criminal records that have a relationship to the job in determining whether to rescind the offer and they can only consider crimes within the past ten years (which may be where "someone" got their mistaken idea that they fall off your record). So don't go applying for jobs where you'd need to drive and you should be more or less okay. At least if you get turned down, it will be for other reasons.


I did not investigate school programs but it stands to reason a similar protection may exist - someone else may have that info.

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