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I'm not sure what "is it legal" means.  If you're late with your rent, your landlord has the right to serve you with a "pay or quit" notice.  Pay the rent on time and this won't be an issue.  "Only one day late" is one more day than you should be late.


P.S. Posting your name and home address on the internet is not a very smart move.  You might want to edit your post.  It's unnecessary to post a picture of the notice.

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I paid FULL late rent payments three previous times but not within the last year. Now I paid partial payment due on 5th n remaining balance and late fees by 15th in ohio. Landlord “rental LLC” never sent notice of any sort and accepted the late Rents. I have an accounting statement from them showing my years rent payments. 


Now ive been served eviction! Their acquiescence of filing any notice or eviction should negate the eviction proceedings now?!?! The LLC refused my partial rent payments n returned checks and filed eviction. 

14 days later at 1st hearing they ACCEPTED ALL the pasts months rent plus late fees! That’s all I owed!!! Why can they refuse rent payment only 14 days earlier THEN say it’s okay to accept late rent in court?!?! There is also a second cause for $8,000 in damages! WTF I only leased the place for 14 months!!! This is absurd!!! 


What at can I do?

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