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pammie t

Probate forms

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My mom passed jan 15th, she did not have a will. She thought everything automatically went to me as I was the only living "heir". We come to find out that is not true.

So I was told to wait 30 days and file a probate. I have NO IDEA about any of this. But I downloaded and filled out paper work.... went and got it notorized and went to the

address on the front of the paper (state court house). When I went into the probate office.. she said "ohhh we don't do that.... you have to go to the place that holds the note".

Soooo.. I went to Wells fargo…. after a 1/2 hour.. they told the girl to just fax them the paperwork. I got a letter from them letting me know it wil ltake 30 days to sort it out.

So they got back to me...  the form was not state sealed.... so it was not filled out correctly. Frustrated I called Wells fargo back.... he said to take the deed form to the

deed off and tell them the story.. maybe they can help. Well.. of course she couldn't.... directed me back to probate court. I went back over there..... finally got all the rtight

paperwork to her.... yeah!.... she was getting ready to start the process... then she noticed that my dads name was still in there.. (he passed 6 years ago)...nope..I had to go

over to the state bar and get the probate "packet". OMG.. there is like 25 sections to it. I can weed out 13 that wont apply to me.... but maybe 12 of them do. I cant imagine that they need all 12 "notorized" sections to put my name on the deed. Its been just over 3 months now..i need to sell. she owes 38,000/worth 72,000. Can anyone help? A lawyer is too expensive.

All i need to know is exactly what form(s) to use to get this going.

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Most likely no Arizona lawyers are visiting this message board. 


The personal representative of this estate, if the assets are simple and if it is qualifies to be considered as a smaller estate (assets under $75,000.00) will probably earn an estimated $3,600.00 which is deducted from the estate account.


If you have a job, you can afford to pay for an hour's consultation time with a local probate attorney to ENSURE that your forms have been done correctly.  Any unintentional errors will only delay and foul up the process.  Probate is not a do-it-yourself project, especially when title to property is involved.


Did your father have a last will and testament and was it ever probated in court or was there no probate at all?


You should be getting your probate forms from the county courthouse.

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