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Domestic battery /Strangulation attempt

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My ex husband attempted to strangle me while drunk and my 15 year Old son pulled him off of me after a few seconds, he then fled avoiding arrest before the police arrived.  In Illinois there is what is called the no-drop law where even if the victim wants to drop charges, they cannot due to the state itself being able to press the charges. Sure enough there was a warrant issued for his arrest.  2 days after the incident (before he knew about the warrant) he admitted himself to the hospital for detox from Xanax and vodka. After about 5 days, he entered a rehabilitation facility and after 28 days of the program, then went to live in a halfway house where he is currently. He found employment right away , upon waiting for the background check, they hired him anyway. About a week later he received the results from the background check and it did state that their was a warrant issued in the county where the violation took place. He admitted to his new boss that the altercation did occur and that he was once not a friendly drunk, but that he had rehabilitated himself and swore he would never go back to the demons that once chained him for nearly 10 years previous. His boss admitted to him that he too, had  been in a similar circumstance once before so he wanted to give him the chance to make it right. He turned himself in just a week later and served one night in the county jail, and before bond call in front of the judge that next morning, the states attorney called me and asked me what kind of bail i would like to see posted, (The week before she called saying that  the judge was also known for being very lenient), i said "let go on his own recogniscence if possible ". I knew he didn't have much money having just started that job, and i certainly didn't it to bail him out with. Sure enough, after being appointed a lawyer that morning he was able to leave free until the upcoming first official court date where by then he WILL need representation.  I'm sorry for the long version, what DOES Usually happen to first time offenders under this charge of domestic battery especially those that do  seek out help and DO rehab themselves?  He is currently looking for a lawyer. Thank you 

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Your use of bold AND italics AND underlining on your entire post makes it incredibly difficult to read.


Fortunately, one doesn't really need to read the post to answer the question.  Only a local criminal defense attorney will be able to intelligently opine about the likely result in this case.

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