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Child being called for Interrogation when there's no crime?

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For years (since 1970) I had been constantly harassed by HRS - then DCF - now as CPI.

So it seems they - when I say "they" - I am in reference to the Children Welfare Investigators

They did to me - (1970 to 1980) and failed miserably (trying to put me in some type of scenario so that the school system could acquire more $$$ because of

my mild hearing loss) in addition with attempts to "derail" my native American Status (I'm Chickasaw Native American) and in the future they finally accomplished

(1987) their feat where I can no longer get my Tribal Benefits.

However, i must add by 1977 - the Federal Government themselves kept the HRS at bay; primarily because I was Federal and Military (employed) - Now retired

Federally protected Federal and Veteran since being acquired the status in Feb 1990.

They redirected towards my son

1984 - "claimed incest because my (ex) husband and I were in violation of blood line" tried to take away my newborn son. Judge called the HRS Investigators "idiots".
His ruling? "In no way do I see any dire Genetic complex because of your claims that her 1st cousin married his (ex-husband now) mother's youngest sister married
her 1st cousin which was his second marriage, well in his 70s' and there's absolutely no blood infusion (he said that) in the child's body.  The child stays with the parents,

I can understand the odds are very astronomical because both sides of the parents have a relative that married each other without anyone knowing. From the documents;

the people you are claiming were married 4 years ago. Please tell me why I should order their baby son to be removed? There's none! Now go do the work you're supposed

to do, instead of wasting time on nonsense on this frivolous case!" (Gavel Pound) {HRS}


1993 - Now known as DCF -  son was in a Semi-Home School Program (home schooled 5-6 days a week, but has to attend to a local Private (ABEKA) school twice a week
for 4-6 hours with other students; and all quarterly and bi-annual State Testings. Had their "Public School Teacher" file a slanderous report of "their child is suicidal" because

he drew pictures of killing himself. (No evidence was ever manifested and it never existed) Went to the JDC Judge; and he threw it out after the DCF argued and argued how
"Incompetent the mother is" with implications of "She's now deaf, not capable of educating a child even though she holds a Doctoral", and even crossing the line by implying
"Native American Indians do not have the qualifications to educate children" until the Judge shut them up in a hurry. He threw the case out after seeing the proof I had provided

(grades, education, state results, etc) and basically instructed them (DCF) to go investigate more valid cases than this nonsense. Stop trying to look for something when there's

nothing there.

1997 - DCF Investigators were investigating some known troublemakers that were behind us; apparently saw my son "lightning the charcoal in the grill with his mother present"

and claimed "Their son is an arsonist"  and even called the Sheriff's out. Even called out for an "arrest" but the Deputies refused implying that it was done under supervision

of the mother. And DCF derailed them and press the charges themselves stating "I saw him start the fire". Back to JDC Court again; same Judge from years earlier - HE WAS

NOT ONE HAPPY CAMPER and threw the case out ONLY when he asked ME first what happened. And he ordered the 2 DCF Investigators in "Contempt of Court" because

he had told them "leave us alone"
2009 - 2012 DCF learned my son is married; hi wife has a son from a previous marriage.  They tried everything in vain to get "us" to lose custody of my Daughter in Law's

son; but they made one mistake. My son and I have no legal custody of him (the adoption failed because her son's real father who is in State Prison refused to allow his son

to be adopted). DCF dropped everything when they saw there were no correlation between myself, my son, and the boy.

2019 - February - CPI (as they are no longer run by the State but by the Sheriff's Department) approached us which left us bewildered.  "Claimed that my granddaughter /

my son's daughter" is a victim of a crime (but she isn't). Claims that her "Teachers" were summoned by a "Concerned neighbor" (and we know who this "concerned neighbor is:
She's filed numerous frivolous, slanderous, and "anonymous' reports constantly; a habitual offender. Unfortunately, every neighborhood has to have one of those and I happen

to have one living next door to me) was making all kinds of false claims. Already there had been 3 CPI investigations the past 3 months and none of any of the so-called claims

were founded.

QUESTION:  On February 18th, at 9 AM on a school day off - they want US to drive a 8 year old child who is absolutely clueless about a crime as being informed to us by the

CPI Investigator that "She was a witness to a crime" (But she wasn't. That's the bottom line.) He kept changing his story as "why he was there": They have been trying to find

SOMETHING that doesn't even exist!


1) When he first arrived, he remarked that there were reports of "Drug Abuse and Dealings" at my residency. (There's none - Sheriff's have been called by that so-called neighbor

and they've come over numerous times and found absolutely NOTHING!)

2) Claimed that there was a "Mentally Incompetent Grandmother living there" and he by then realized he was speaking to me about 30 minutes into the conversation when he

said "I would like to speak with the Grandmother myself" and my quick reply was "I am she" (This threw him completely off)

3) Informed me he was basically here because of my grandson (Daughter's son) - asked me questions; I answered them

4) Informed me that there's been calls by neighbors about my grandson (Affirmative, he has ODD which the school and everyone is aware of, and his counselor in school is

working with him).

5) Speaks to my son and indicated he is here because the school had list of "complaints" about his daughter - because she does not like to wear socks (takes after me) and

it's not illegal or is there a school policy that she has to wear socks. (Both my son and I told the investigator that). - he barked at me stating it IS the school policy. I told him

for as long as I lived in this County which I am the 7th generation, my mom is the 6th generation, my son is the 8th generation and my granddaughter is the 9th generation of

this County, we are genuine Native Americans and Native to this County. Do not try to tell me something when it doesn't exist! (He reacted in a shocking manner; both surprised

and taken aback. Even made a comment of "There are no more generational natives in this County" which I corrected him and stated yes, and began rolling names off the bat
He marked that off his notes in a hurry and wound up ripping the page out and wadding it into a ball and threw it into the garbage can).

6) Made a claim that "she is failing" (No she is not, she's making A's and B's; it's her half-brother who is not faring well in school).  (He lost to that when I showed him her

past 3 report cards)

7) Made a claim that "We're not feeding her" and strangely after he made that comment, she ran outside with an Ice Cream Bar. {He walked himself into this one}

8 ) Then he questions ME - even though he had a difficult time believing I am now profoundly deaf (even stated that my verbatim was beyond normal and it blew him away

when I spoke in 14 different languages, including Hawaiian). I rebuked him for falling for the age old myth that "Deaf / Hearing Impaired people are incompetent" and

the fact the education still portrays us as "deaf and dumb" when the opposite is far from truth. Edison had a hearing problem, but you do not dare demean or degrade him. Mozart

was deaf and so was Beethoven, but you've heard their music. Gallaudet College where the founder himself, Thomas Gaulledet, is one of the oldest College in USA.
I can give you a long list if you'd wish. Please do not use the excuse whatsoever that "Grandmother is deaf" because you will not get far with me or the court!

I must add - to a degree he's stated numerous times; "No one told me that she is a Doctor. Just said they were stupid idiots" (not using his voice but most likely talking

to himself, he forgot one thing. I am an expert lip-reader!) So I actually HEARD what he said even if he did not use his voice; it's the same as stating it in verbatim.



He then demanded to enter into my residency, I reminded him that he can enter but in no way can he do anything about it because of three things: 1) There is no case 2) You

are trying to make a case out of nothing and 3) DCF and CPI has been inside numerous times and found absolutely nothing. Either you acquire a Judicial order to enter or

I will request a Sheriff Deputy to be present.  NOTE: HE BARGED HIMSELF INTO THE HOUSE.  Walked around, just made a comment that the carpet needed vacuuming (there

were a couple pieces of paper on the floor).. Demanded that I turn the kitchen sink faucet on (did - water ran);  went into the Utility Room - then claimed "HEALTH HAZARD,

THE CEILING HAS HOLES!" (But I reminded him the Utility room wasn't supposed to have a ceiling; I punched through it to find the main wiring that went into the breaker box

and it was not a code violation; it was optional and I am removing it as it is not a living quarters per the Florida Building Code Statues.  (He got mad but acknowledged i was

right). Walked around and went into the bathroom; told me to flush the toilet and kept looking in the shower tub (We are on septic). He seemed pretty disappointed. And

he did not have my consent to enter but he went ahead and took pictures of my interior of all the rooms (except Utility) on his phone.

My son and I were just shaking our head - this is getting to be very old. But this is a first, they are demanding his daughter/my granddaughter to go to their Sheriff's Headquarters

for interrogation and "We cannot be present" and "The child cannot have a lawyer" because they would deny both. And when my son asked why? "They say she's a witness to a crime."
(That is what they stated earlier but the problem is - there's no crime that even existed.)

In addition - the DCF/CPI - are fully aware of another neighbors as they're regulars with them; two of their daughters are notorious bullies and they are already aware of

their bullying on my granddaughter, even the Law Enforcement Agency is aware. Hence the reason why they go to separate schools. They have to keep those two girls

away from the rest of the neighborhood children's school they attend to (which my granddaughter goes to).

You have the full details here - all I see is a line of harassment and they're trying to make mountains out of mole hills except the mole hill doesn't exist. It's always redirected

back towards me and so it seems to be as if they're sore from what happened more than 50 years ago; almost revenge for making an (excuse my language) "ass of themselves".

As far as I am concerned they're still making an ass of themselves still.

The real target is "myself", they drag me into picture every time. AND STILL DOES IT! - if they were truly investigating a child, they would be specific. Per the Florida Statues

and Federal Family Laws any minor under the age of 16 providing that there be a validated crime or validated abuse they can be questioned. Bottom line - they cannot

just walk in and drag a child and trying to brain wash with questions to confuse a child (they did this with my Daughter in Law's son, which I stopped it. And they did this

with my son when he was younger, and I too, stopped it.)  I know exactly how they ask questions and can really confuse you if you're not careful. Some call it, trick questions

with intent to deceive or mislead. However, I have never heard of a child being asked to enter a Headquarters to be questioned about a "crime" when there's none present.

See the pattern, they are trying to look for something that doesn't exist or try to stir up discord and drum up some idiosyncratic reasons.}

My main problem here is - there are no lawyers in this practicing field in this County of Pinellas, Florida.



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But this is a first, they are demanding his daughter/my granddaughter to go to their Sheriff's Headquarters

for interrogation and "We cannot be present" and "The child cannot have a lawyer" because they would deny both. And when my son asked why? "They say she's a witness to a crime."
(That is what they stated earlier but the problem is - there's no crime that even existed.)

It is against the Florida Statues and Federal Law for the Police to state an 8 year old cannot have an Adult present and cannot have a Lawyer and now is threatening us when I invoked

the Florida Statues and the Federal Law.

Form of harassment- correct?

41 minutes ago, RetiredinVA said:

 Could you edit your narrative a little.


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9 hours ago, Bewildered said:

they are demanding his daughter/my granddaughter to go to their Sheriff's Headquarters

for interrogation and "We cannot be present" and "The child cannot have a lawyer" because they would deny both. And when my son asked why? "They say she's a witness to a crime."


Well, you have to know that they are full of crap and your son can hire a criminal defense attorney and have the attorney deal with the sheriff. My guess is that they will back off the minute they are contacted by your son's attorney.


Now if your next response is that you (or your son) can't afford to hire your own attorney then I'm afraid that you are going to continue being harassed by these people.


Another option is your son just says no, she's not going. Period.


Meantime, it doesn't hurt to teach a child how and why to say "Sorry, I'm not saying anything without a lawyer" no matter how much she is threatened or cajoled.


I suggest all three of you watch these videos:






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