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Completely wrong info on speeding ticket

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So I got pulled over for "speeding", it makes no sense to me, because he claims I was going 70mph in a 45 zone.  When he passed me going the other way the speed limit was 70, I went back and checked.  When he turned around and pulled me over it had dropped down to 45, but I was turning left at the first stop light in town, which was immediately after the speed limit came down, (first went down to 60, then 55, then 45, in the matter of a mile I would guess down a steep hill which I had my brakes on the whole way down, with the 45 being right before the red light that I was to turn at) so how could I have possibly been still going 70 in the 45 when I was about to turn?  I had a sick goat in the back too, no way was I going to slam on my brakes at the light and make her go flying.  Besides I was following a semi, not like I was swerving around been vehicles like that kind of driving would require.  On the ticket it claims the speed limit was 40 though, despite what he verbally said and what the speed limit sign says.  And ontop of that all of the info is completely wrong, my license number, my address, my first and last name are not even remotely correct, but my middle name is for some reason.  I have no idea who the person is on the ticket.  I was driving a rental vehicle at the time, so it could be that it points to the actual owner of the vehicle, but the address doesn't even match the state it is registered in, so no idea there.  I guess I will talk to a lawyer on Monday, just really confused by the whole thing.

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