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Desperately need help

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On 2/1/2019 at 11:15 AM, ElleMD said:

You are still all over the map and your story doesn't make any sense. Yes, judges, hearing officers, and commissioners tend to be frustrated by pro se litigants as they rarely know what they are doing and often do not understand the process or the scope of the proceedings. The judge shouldn't be the one to tell you what the issues are. You either filed issues in which case you should know what you filed, or the employer/insurer filed issues in which case you should have received a notice of what those issues were. If you don't even know what issues are being adjudicated when you show up, you can't possibly present your case.






can the judge award ttd as a stipulation? This judge is strict but fair. 


The HR rep admitted to not following their own investigation policy. His investment is base solely on a few statements sent to him after I was fired. He said he didn’t give any opinions or recommendations to terminate me and it was the Director of HR who made the decision.


he testify that all his reports were done after my injury and he had no knowledge that I was injured. I question him later on why he didn’t get my statement for his investigation and he said because I was out on leave.


what if the other witness doesn’t show up, Will the judge make a decision with only one witness statement

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