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Home employment vs Comcast

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Hello, I have been in near constant contact with Comcast regarding the same issue for over 2 years.  They are the only provider in my area.   I depend on my connection for my livelihood.  I am a home employed special needs adult (ASD).


Comcast acknowledges in writing that:


1) they know I depend on my connection for my livelihood. 

2) they acknowledge that there is a history of ongoing issues in my neighborhood that have been ignored for at least 1 year. 

3) they acknowledge it took them an entire year to finally have a technician sent to my location. 

4) they acknowledge that after the technician left my location he recognized there are several issues yet he failed to report the issue to the appropriate department and there was never a work order created to correct the issues.


At one point a technician came to my location and disconnected my service.  I was given no advance notification and no follow up.  I was attempting to print shipping labels when my model went dead.  When I called Comcast no one told me that the line had been cut.  It wasn't until several hours later that I learned what happened because I drove 45 minutes to the nearest Comcast.  I was told my line was cut by Comcast due to a suspected data leak.  There was no ticket in place for repair or resolution.  I continued to receive bills yet no service and no acknowledgement from Comcast that I was not getting what I am paying for.


I am paying for Blast internet which according to Comcast should provide me with a minimum of 10 MBPS upload speeds.  I specifically ordered this service  because I work from home selling hand crafted, hand sewn and and hand knit items on Etsy, eBay and Poshmark.  Unfortunately because my upload speeds continue to time out and (or) disconnect I can't upload my product photos and videos.   It is a week and a half before rent is due and I don't have rent because my internet isn't reliable enough for me to be able to upload photos and videos.  Reliable internet is NOT a luxury for me, it is a necessity.  This is pretty much a month to month issue and as a result I have blown through my entire savings and now am in danger of being homeless.


Most recently  contacted Comcast 3 days ago.   The CS rep offered to send out a technician even thought it's already been established in a previous visit 5 months ago that the issue is not the modem or the wiring inside my apartment.   I am so fed up that for the first time in two years I didn't bother responding to the service call.  I instead contacted the Corporate offices in Philadelphia and instead of addressing the issue they returned the ticket back to my local corporate office.


I was issued a $200 credit (5 months ago), and have received several credits to my bills over the last two years but it just doesn't cut it.  I am missing paycheck after paycheck after paycheck because of this.


Most recently one of the last representatives I spoke with threatened to cut my service and stated that Comcast can and will have me prosecuted for using the residential service to sell my items on Ebay, Etsy and Poshmark.   She said I have violated many laws because I must pay for a commercial business line and if I don't I will be reported to the authorities for illegal use of internet.   The thing is, I have read the Xfinity Internet Broadband Disclosures as well as the Acceptable Use Policy and know my rights as a customer.  My use of the blast service is not considered commercial usage and that would make sense because anything else would insinuate that every eBay userworldwide is breaking the law!


I can't do this anymore.  My safety net is exhausted and I am out of options. 


Do I have any legal options?  Again, this has been an ongoing issue for over 2 years.  I would like to sue for the return of my savings, lost revenue and stress.




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4 hours ago, Kaye said:

Do I have any legal options?  Again, this has been an ongoing issue for over 2 years.  I would like to sue for the return of my savings, lost revenue and stress.


What you will find is that Comcast's obligations to you are defined in the contract you have with Comcast. I have not read that contract and cannot tell if you the company has breached it. You need to read it in detail and see what it is that the company has actually guaranteed to provide you. If the company has breached that contract then you may sue for that breach. But in such a lawsuit you would not win anything for stress or for your "savings". You'd typically only win lost revenue for your business if the company was aware at the time you entered into the contract that loss of revenue would be one of the results of breaching the contract. You may want to consult a local contract attorney to go over the facts and see if you might have something to pursue.


Unfortunately, it is often the case in more rural areas that choices of internet service providers are limited to just one or two options, and the service you typically get in more rural areas tends to be slower and less reliable. The U.S. has not yet treated internet service as an essential utility like telephone service so it has not adopted programs to ensure good reliable service to such areas. What you may find is that if you rely so heavily on the internet for your income you may need to move to an area with better service than you are getting now. 

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