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Unclaimed company property after termination

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I worked for a newspaper as a delivery person and as such, had some racks to hold newspapers and some other company property that was required for the job.  This included 3 fairly expensive metal racks.  I resigned in September of this year and asked several times via text for the company to retrieve their items from my property.  They will not respond.  It is now January and I'm wondering what my options are.  Can I get rid of the items as they won't retrieve them?  Am I responsible for them indefinitely?  Thank you.

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Three basic options:


1. Give written notice under your state's abandoned property laws.  If the company then picks them up, the matter is over.  If the company doesn't pick them up within the time provided by law, you can dispose of them without risk.

2. Do what "adjusterjack" wrote.

3. Get rid of them without complying with the law and risk being sued or hassled.

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