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I am a lawful permanent resident ('LPR') that had his LPR revoked, this revocation was litigated and eventually my LPR status was returned by the BIA. Basically, It held that my presence outside the U.S. was involuntary.

Thus, comes need for information so that I  weigh the legal options I might have open to me, my LPR status '[albeit] legally returned the LPR card was never returned to me. I have researched various options from boarding foils, the returning resident (sb-1) visa. ( https://visaguide.world/us-visa/immigrant/sb-1/)


My question is would I qualify for not paying for the not paying for the renewal of the LPR card at filing fees in paragraph (B) of the reasons for the application (https://www.uscis.gov/i-90) since my LPR card was confiscated but never returned when my LPR status was reinstated?


Let me explain a bit there continues to be circumstances beyond my control that has kept me from taking these steps in returning to the US. I could not have taken these any time sooner due to financial and legal reasons, but now medical urgency will end up eclipsing those circumstances, it seems that I must return to ensure that my Dad is a senior citizen tries CBD oil for his Parkinson's and other ailments to at-least.







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If you have been out of the country for more than a year and had not applied for a reentry permit, your green card is expired and you have go the SB-1 route to return to the US and you do have to pay those filing fees.  If you've been gone less than a year, you can apply for the replacement card without any fees. 

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