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Threats based on beliefs?

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A English high school teacher has decided to tell me that 1."ABORTION IS WRONG!" and lowered my grade due to my opinion on pro choice, 2. "If you support it, god will smite you!" so saying if i support my own opinions and not theirs their god will kill me, then 3. forcing me to sand and say the pledge no matter what- one kid had a broken leg and she forced him to stand.


What can i do during this situation? any information would be beneficial. 

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1 hour ago, MattathiasYoSeph said:

I go to a public high school.





In a public school setting, a teacher allowing a student's opinion about abortion to impact the student's grade violates the student's rights; forcing a student to stand for or recite the Pledge of Allegiance violates the student's rights.  A teacher proselytizing to students may or may not violate the students' rights.


The first step in dealing with this is for your parents to speak with the teacher and/or the school administration.  If that doesn't resolve the situation, then it may be necessary for your parents to retain the services of a local attorney.

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Lowering your grade because your position was not appropriately supported, your arguments were poorly made, it did not meet the terms in the grading rubric, you were assigned a position for some educational purpose and chose not to do this (as a 20+ year HS debate coach, yes, this does happen and yes, it is legal to require students be able to support and defend a position they do not personally hold), it was not on an assigned topic, or your work only merited the grade you were given for reasons unrelated to the position you took (wrong format, didn't cite sources, used pen instead of typed, missed deadline, etc.) are entirely legal, even if you disagree with them. If you had merely expressed the opinion that abortion should be legal outside of the classroom, and your teacher retaliated, that would be a civil rights violation. When it is an assignment for class, it becomes a lot less clear. Trust me, the number of students in any given day who protest grades because they believe their teacher disagrees with the position they took is not small (and other posters here can attest I know of what I speak). The number that amount to civil rights violations is extremely small. Teachers are also allowed to express their personal beliefs and opinions. There is again, a fine line between being permitted to share their beliefs and prohibited acts. Your one comment lacks context and that is key. If it upsets you certainly you can talk to your administrator or guidance counselor. That would be the starting point for reporting any violation anyway.


Requiring students to stand and recite the pledge is well established as a violation. As in 1943. Board v Barnette is the case if you wish to read up on it. Again, reporting it to the administration and or guidance counselor would be your first step. Your district undoubtedly also has a process for reporting violations that can not be resolved at the school level. Check online or with your student handbook for details.

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