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Insurance termination

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I was working full time and receiving health/dental insurance through my employer.

I went on an approved week-long vacation, and over a month later, I received a letter from HR that my health insurance was terminated at the ending of the previous month.

I received the notice 14 days after the termination date — so I was unknowingly without insurance that whole time (still am).

During that time, I saw a doctor and now have to pay the bill out of pocket.

When I confronted my employer, he said that I didn’t meet the minimum 20 hours per week for two consecutive weeks over the week I was gone, and the HR company automatically terminated it.

During that month I went on the vacation, there was also a lot of drama at work with me and another employee, but nothing too crazy — just butting heads. The employee I was butting heads with is on salary and I’m hourly. This drama continued up until my last day there and never really got settled.


Is the excuse that the HR company automatically terminated it without notifying me true? I believe that he would have to request or sign off on termination of an employee’s insurance. It’s been exactly one month for me having no insurance, I actually ended up putting in my notice to quit. Obviously shouldn’t be working there anymore...

I am wondering if my employer thought that because of the drama, I would quit and he could save some money on ending my health insurance early?


Because this all happened so close to the holidays, I applied for health insurance on my own but haven’t received any confirmation. So I am still without insurance, and I’m unsure if I’ll be confirmed for health insurance for the month of January!


What can I do? Is it worth taking action?


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