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Locked Out

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7 hours ago, James said:

I would like to know can my wife change the locks on the house and lock me out?, we are still married and have not been legally separated or divorced.


We have no way of knowing what abilities your wife has.  That said, if she has the ability to use a phone and access to cash, a checking account or a credit card, then she can, in theory, do this.


If your intent was to ask if it would be legal for her to do this, the answer is yes, unless there is a court order that says otherwise.



6 hours ago, James said:

I was under the assumption that she must have a court order excluding me from the house


Such an order would be necessary for her to exclude you permanently.  However, nothing makes it illegal for her to change the locks.  As the first response mentioned, you could then get a locksmith to change the locks again, and so on....

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