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Plumber failed to identify source of leak

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I recently retained a plumber to determine the source of water that had leaked into my kitchen floor.  Using his leak detector he informed me that I had a broken water feed beneath my slab, and would need to have my house re-piped.  He gave me a quote for the job, and I told him I would be in touch once I had obtained some other estimates.


I ended up hiring a re-piping specialist who did an excellent job restoring service to my home.  Within hours of the water being turned back on I saw water coming out from under the dishwasher.  The appliance was off and and not been used since the water feed had been shut off.  I had the re-pipe plumber check the problem, and they verified that the dishwasher was faulty, and most likely had been the source of my leak all along.


I would like to recover the cost of the unnecessary re-pipe job.  I was informed by my homeowners insurance company that re-piping my home was not covered by my policy, though the damage caused by the leak was.  Certainly now that it appears the re-pipe was not required there is even less incentive for the insurance company to cover.  It seems to me that the original plumber should be liable for the expenses that resulted from his misidentification of the problem.  


Never having faced a situation like this I would like some advice on how to proceed.  Should I call the plumber who failed to find the source of the leak and request he cover my bill?  Is my first step to get a lawyer?  Does some cosmic oversight protect incompetent plumbers making this an exercise in futility?  I am looking forward to hearing from somebody who has been up against this sort of thing before.

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