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Can I apply for political asylum? Can I sue the Chinese government

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My name is Chris, from Beijing China. In September 2017, After I Refusing to sign the demolition agreement, the leaderships of the Village Committee destroyed my house without letting me know, they did it under the name of villagers' self-government policy as they know clearly it is against the will of me and my family, Property in my house were seriously damaged or lost due to their malicious destruction to my house, I sued them but lost the lawsuit..

Like a Bloomberg reporter told me that "he doesn't think he can write about this, as unfortunately there are so many similar cases in China -- the government can do whatever it wants, in demolishing homes and in many things. Also, he doesn't think media attention cant stop it." And I’ve seen a video on YouTube of the current Chinese Vice President, WanQishan’s talk about encouraging forced demolitions which was shocked.

Unlike many tragic events on the Internet, no one bleeds in my story, but if I have the chance to tell you the whole story, you may find a same terrible facts as bloodshed which is a disaster for the each of the Chinese people and house owners.
I hope that I can get answers to two things:Can I apply for political asylum? Can I sue the Chinese government and  Wang Qishan for human rights issues outside of China?

Thank you very much for your attention.

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Your situation would not meet the requirements for asylum in the United States. Whether it might in some other country I cannot say. You also could not sue China for the house demolition in the United States nor likely in any other country either. When it comes to property rights each country sets its own laws and for the most part that does not raise any issues of international law. China is not the first country to seize property of citizens (with or without compensation) to use for government purposes or to turn over to someone else and I dare say it won't be the last. A number of countries simply do not have the long history of respect for private property rights that nations with law based on British common law or Western European civil law have. The Communist Party is supreme in China and does get to do pretty much what it wants to do. Suing the government there often does not turn out well. I am sympathetic to your situation; from what I have seen it is not unusual for China to do these demolitions suddenly and without warning when owners resist signing the agreements. But this isn't something that other countries can help you with, unfortunately. 

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