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How can I know ?

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Dear all,

I have a little question. I am from Nassau, Bahamas, new here. And I would like to hire an advisor...


I don't know if there is a list of the official advisors or not. In Bahamas, the government publish a list of registrant allowed to be financial advisor (or at least this is what they told me ; http://www.scb.gov.bs/documents/Firms%20%20as%20at%2030%20September%202018.pdf here is the last one).

Does an advisor company have to be in that list (or similar one depending of the state) to be genuine ?


Sorry if this is not the right place to ask or if this question looks stupid...

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On other sites the OP has revealed that his question involves New York. Hence my response.


In NY, financial advisors are registered and regulated by the state's Attorney General's Investor Protection Bureau.
The following page shows you the qualifications for becoming a registered financial advisor in NY.
Financial advisors who also sell securities are licensed and regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
Once you find financial advisors to your liking you can check their qualifications at:
Finding them is easy. Just google financial advisor with the name of your city and you'll find them. Then you can check them out with the state.

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