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Children truancy

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Hello  im having a probkem with my ex who i  have 8 yr old daughter with she also has 3 other children from previous relationship anyway my daughter is 8 yrs old  and  has never been  enrolled  in any school i need  help understanding  how i should go about  doing right thing for my kid  and getting her in school who can i call to report this situation  because  she is not taking anything i say seriously none if the other children are in school they were enrolled at  one time they just stopped going and she is jusg letting it happen do i contact police or another agency to have her comply with my daughter  attending school any help  is appreciated thank you

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In any future posts, please make an effort to use something that resembles proper capitalization and punctuation.  Doing so will make it easier to read and understand what you write.



14 hours ago, Mm1468 said:

im having a probkem with my ex


Your "ex" what?  Ex-wife?  Ex-girlfriend?  Ex-something else?  If you were never married to this woman, was your paternity ever established?  If so, how was it established?  Is there a court order regarding child custody, visitation and support?


Everything else in your post depends on how you answer these questions.


Also, are you sure the mother isn't home-schooling the child?

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There are a lot of questions but the school district where the children live undoubtedly has an office of pupil personnel or truancy. Contact them. They may not tell you much as a reporter and if she is homeschooling, that is allowed.
Do you have any sort of court agreement that addresses child custody? Does that order say anything about decisions regarding the child's education? If not, you can file in court to modify the agreement to include such a clause or contempt if there is such a clause and she is ignoring it.

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