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Renting Space

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I have a small cafe that closes in the afternoons and I am looking to rent it out in the evenings. Is there any license I need to rent my space? Also we do not serve alcohol so we do not have a liquor license, but will it be an issue if alcohol is brought in by the people renting for a night? Or do we need a license of some sort for that?

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Liquor related question should be asked of your state's liquor licensing board.


Questions about your liability should be asked of your insurance agent.


The question of whether it's a good idea can be asked of me. My opinion: Never rent out your property to anybody else. You don't know what they'll do to it or what kind of mess they will leave behind or how many thousands it will cost you to fix that you'll never be able to collect. Once you do it and get burned you'll wish you hadn't.

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