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Services billed, not paid.

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My son has a small landscaping maintenance and snow plowing business. His largest customer which involves two nursing centers, after several years, verbally terminated his landscape and snowplowing services without warning.  This year there was no written contract, but rather a verbal agreement. Now it has been over 60 days and the last two months' bills have not been paid. The administrator and billing department will not respond to his request for payment ($9000). What are his options?

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How old is your son?  Inform him that doing business by a verbal contract is NOT an acceptable way to do business.


Look at your county court information online to see what the filing requirements are for a small claims lawsuit and if the amount he is asking for falls within the limit.


Does he have photos or emails or phone messages or any other type of documentation that would indicate he did business on their property?


For future projects you can help him find a simple contract/business agreement online or consult with a local business law attorney to get one made that protects him, and also perhaps in the future ask for a deposit to be put up so he can weed out deadbeats who would try to take advantage of him.  He needs to collect payment when he has finished a job and not continue to naively continue working in the false expectation that he can trust someone to pay an added-on-to bill in the future.

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