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TIA Sealed Sentence

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It means that the defendant twice failed to appear in court on the charges and was tried in absentia (TIA). The defendant was therefore not present at the trial, the state presented its case, and the defendant was found guilty. The sentence in that case is automatically sealed by South Carolina state law until such time as the defendant is found and brought to court, at which time the sentence will be unsealed. Until that occurs, it is evidently not a judgment of the court. It is impossible until then to know what sentence was imposed. It could be a fine, it could be jail time, or both.

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3 hours ago, Af79 said:

Could u be arrested in another state and brought to South Carolina on Tia sealed sentence? Or is it still a misdemeanor? 


Yes, you could potentially be arrested on the charge and extradited back to SC on this. That's true even for misdemeanors. It really comes down to whether the DA and cops are willing to spend the money to extradite for this. Even if SC doesnt want to extradite you, you might still end up getting arrested and spending some time in jail in the other state until SC says it doesn't want to get you. If you don't want to keep running into trouble over this then contact a SC criminal defense attorney to discuss how best to make the appearance in SC and deal with this. It's not going to get any better over time. 

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