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Sub Rosa

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I’ve been asking questions as I’m not familiar if the process. 


There’s a couple of reasons why I have not found an attorney. One is that I was terminated and I didn’t know the process.


There was a witness and I reported the injury within the hour. I went to ER and was out for a week. I didn’t know that from that moment on, I had to record every step I took. For the few times that I did see a doctor for any injury, I was treated and then return to work after a few days off. 


I eventually went to see a doctor that was on their list, he gave me modify duty but I was terminated when I took the note to work. I would go into details of why I was I think so was terminated and the reason I was denied but because it’s not a common case. I’m not sure what or if it would cause any issues to my case.

               I eventually went to see a qme and he rated as industrial and order mri. I never asked any questions from there because he said that he will take care of it. I didn’t know I had to bring witness and a stop clock to time him. 

            I’m sure it’s not a weak case, if it was, I doubt they would spend money on surveillance. And if the surveillance was of any use, I would be asking different questions. 

            With that said, I think that it was wrongful termination and the adjuster may have denied without any legal evidence and medical evidence. 

         The adjuster told me I’m not eligible for benefits because I was terminated. So I’m trying to get the claim accepted. The qme already rated as industrial and the video may have influenced him to give mmi date to the date I was evaluated. 

         I went to I&A today and they said I can get a new qme.




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