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Dixie Jarchow

Is this infringement?

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Are you making copies of what you purchased. Or are you simply buying lots of copies, cutting out the image and putting them in a frame?


If you are simply reselling what you bought (albeit in a frame) I believe you are protected under the "First Sale Doctrine."  I may be wrong and if I am, I'm quite sure someone will explain why I am.



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On 9/15/2018 at 12:24 PM, Dixie Jarchow said:

I bought a comic and cut out a character and pasted it (artfully) into a frame. Is this copyright inffringement or can I sell these at comicons?


Without seeing exactly what you're doing, it's impossible to say with certainty (and, in that regard, I disagree with "RetiredinVA's" unequivocal response).  You're entitled to sell whatever copyright protected material you lawfully own (under the "first sale doctrine," as mentioned by "PayrollHRGuy").  The question will be whether your "past[ing]" of only a portion of the item you bought "into a frame" constitutes the creation of a derivative work.

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