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July 16th I was incarcerated in Union County jail North Carolina. On the 19th I noticed unusual swelling and pain coming from my right leg that seemed to be getting worse and spreading by the moment. At that time I decided it was getting to the point that I should tell the authorities and see the nurse/doctor because the ice and heat that I had been advised to put on it was not working and it was so bad that I could no longer put my weight on it. On the 26th I was rushed to the hospital where I was put in icu for 7 days, it is now Aug 1st. On the 7th I was placed in the most unsanitary cell in the jail, where the bathroom was a hole in the floor, still unable to walk since I had a huge hole in my leg. Needless to say, I was back in the hospital within a week, at which point I had to endure surgery and get a drainage tube, and approx. 40 staples. Please help. I cant find an attorney in Union that will help, nor do I know how to pursue a lawsuit or what kind of attorney I will need to hire. I cant afford the medical bills and all this is due to their negligence.


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