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Roberto Rodriguez

Can the title of a house have 4 owners when only 1 person took the loan with the bank for the house?

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Total mayhem could happen.  Any one of the title holders could file a partition suit to require the house be sold, for instance.  If only one person is liable on the loan the other three owners could live there rent free.


Who came up with this lame brain idea?

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13 hours ago, Roberto Rodriguez said:

What could happen?


What could happen is that you annoy everybody here by opening new threads every time you have a question on the same topic.


Your previous post:




Asked "if 4 people could buy a house together and be the legal owners of one house."


Implying (hopefully) that they haven't actually done it yet.


It's an incredibly bad idea and "mayhem" is exactly the right word for the potential consequences.


Please keep any future discussion to THIS thread.

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