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I moved but what about my LLC?

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See the IN government website and click on Limited Liability Companies (Foreign) for information on how to register your LLC in Indiana.




Check with the Indiana Department of Revenue in case you have to report and pay any kind of taxes.




Also check your city in case you have to report and pay any taxes.




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You may register your NC LLC as a foreign LLC in Indiana as one option. You must do that if you wish to continue using that LLC and operate it from Indiana. You also may transfer your NC LLC to become an Indiana LLC or other business entity. You may do that by creating the Indiana entity and merging your NC LLC into that entity. This has the effect of terminating the NC LLC and all the rights and obligations of the NC LLC automatically transfer to the new Indiana entity. That entity would be the continuation of the NC business. You could also dissolve the NC LLC and start a new entity in Indiana, but doing that would not continue the NC business. You might want to consult an Indiana business attorney to determine what is the best course of action for you and to help you with the steps needed to carry that out. 

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