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Summer Vacation and Weekend Visitation issue

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Hi  there I am a father that is has filed and been granted 50% Legal Custody and 2 weekend (2nd and 4th) a month visitation rights (starting friday and ending sunday)  with an order to meet and confer for any vacation and holidays. The mother would use the child as leverage and would only let me see him at her convenience. After the court granted me 50% legal custody, I had to return to court to have a holiday/ vacation schedule ordered due to the mother denying me every request to spend time with my son other than the 2 weekends a month. The court granted me the schedule but was vague and gave us room to work together on certain holidays and vacation. However, she continues to be difficult with any agreements. Which brings me to my summer vacation question.


The Court visitation order states that we both get 2 weeks of vacation during my sons summer vacation however did not specify anything else. I contacted the mother to try and decide what weeks we would each get. Finally, after her stating she had plans most weekends, I finally just gave her choice to give days that would work. She chose the start of  my vacation to START on the 2nd friday of the month and ending on the 4th friday of the month that was suppose to be the start of my second weekend. 


My request is to keep my son through sunday as the summer vacation days run into my weekend. She says I cannot do this as this would EXTEND my summer vacation. 


Is this true?


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