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Husband sold house to son verbally against Mom's wishes

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Thanks to all who tried to help.  I am totally disillusioned with the legal system.  It appears the "good ol' boys club" is alive and well.  My friend lost her house which is unbelievable to me since it was so obvious to me and most people the son and father were conspiring and were dishonest.  The son did not have to prove by way of receipts that he completed improvements, did not have to prove what he said in his declaration about all bills in his name and paying all.   Father and son only ones who benefited with mother locked out of house, while father continued access with office in home and getting mail there.  Son's payment went into father's account in father's name only...not the Trust which sold on verbal owner contract.  Since the Trust is very short and loose, but does say Trustees can act independently, I wonder if there is a way she can foreclose on son.  The verbal contract has almost no parameters which makes it harder to enforce.  With serious traumatic brain injury, I feel they totally took advantage of her.   I doubt a jury would have come to this decision.  This was a hearing before a judge who knows the son who is local attorney.  Sorry for spouting off, but I am angry with the system.

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.Hello everyone,


I thought it was only right that I give you an update as I realize this can also be a learning experience for others.  As you might remember, we were going to Court on the 14th to hear judges decision on my friends house.  He read several case histories and it did sound like he read everyone's submissions thoroughly.  He moved in favor of my friend using the case history that said clear and definite terms were needed.....I'm paraphrasing since the legal system is new to me.  Since we had submitted several unsigned contracts made up by the son that had different terms throughout time, that showed terms unclear.  What we didn't realize, is now it goes to trial, but she has the points on her side.  We hadn't even submitted all that we found.  If the son goes to trial (which I feel would not be smart), we have more proof to counter his claims.   Thanks to all who helped.  Now she has other trials to prepare for.

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